Serving As Senders
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This six-hour DVD is the "book", live! A classic on member care, the concepts of this seminar train the missionary partnership team in the six areas of support. Missionary support is far more than money and a wave "good-bye" at the airport. It is work! Every missionary needs a strong, educated, committed and coordinated team of people who have, by God's direction, taken "ownership" of the mission and understand their function in the team.

The six hours include:

  • Why and when does a missionary need care.
  • Moral support: The Gift of Encouragement
  • Prayer Support: The Gift of Intercession
  • Financial Support: The Gift of Giving
  • Logistics Support: The Gift of Administration
  • Communication Support: The Gifts of Discernment and Encouragement
  • Reentry Support: The Gift of Hospitality

A ten-page master outline is included.

The material on this DVD is also available as a book, Serving As Senders~Today, or as a live seminar.

Serving As Senders

Six hours on six DVDs
(plus postage and handling)

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