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Translation of ERI Resources

Book Translation Projects

Serving As Senders is currently in 20 languages. The English has been replaced with Serving As Senders~Today. This new edition is now in Portuguese, South African and Chinese. A Licensing Agreement has been signed for Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

The Reentry Team is in Chinese and Dutch. I Think God Wants Me to be a Missionary is in Chinese. 

Prepare For Battle! is in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Sinhala, and Tamil. It is currently being translated into Portuguese. 

Thank you! The BURMESE translation of Prepare For Battle! has just been completed. It has been edited and is now at the printer. We were planning to print 1000 copies. However, the pastors who heard me present the principles in several seminars two years ago in Myanmar are asking for 5000 copies! Friends of ERI have helped us go "over the top!" We are able to print 7000 copies! Early next year, I will travel to seven cities to do seven seminars. At that time they will distribute the 7000 copies.       

    "Most of the pastors and leaders prefer to print 5000 copies because the book is greatest tool and powerful teaching. All Christians the most need the book's teaching every day."

We presented this to you as an immediate Kingdon Investment opportunity! Not only did enough friends help us reach 7,000,000 kyats! We reached 8,000,000 kyats! Not to worry! That translates (excuse the pun) into $8000. Our THANKS to you and all glory to our Father in Heaven!

DVD Translation Projects

Our five basic seminars have been completed in English. Negotiations for Traditional Chinese subtitles or voiceover are in process. Spanish has been requested. 

E-Book Projects

Technology is advancing faster than I can think! Our five books are available on Kindle.