Wednesday Aug 23

YvonneYvonne Pirolo graduated with a BA degree in Bible and Psychology. "However," she says, "I believe my 'education' has mainly come from life's experiences in relating with people." She has always enjoyed one-on-one interaction, but little by little she was encouraged into teaching positions. She teaches a highly interactive Interpersonal Relationships and Godly Communications class. Her personal perspectives in the Prepare For Battle! Seminar and the book, Prepare For Battle, add a valuable dimension.

For many years she traveled together with Neal in ministry. But again, being encouraged by her husband, this time into leading a short term team to Eastern Europe, she now leads two trips per year—mainly to Asia. (Ask her how that "encouragement" came about!)

Neal and Yvonne are blessed with four children, 16 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren. Many of them live in the San Diego area. "Trying to keep a balance between ministry and family isn't always easy," she admits.  "Just keeping up with birthdays and special days is challenging, but fun."

Their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary was pleasantly celebrated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa, Israel. Their fifty-sixth was spent participating a missions conference! ("Yes, we were married as teenagers," Yvonne wants you to know.)

Yvonne was raised in a Christian home; her father was a pastor, hosting many visiting speakers. Now Neal and Yvonne's home has become a rest stop for missionaries and friends passing through. "Our lives are full! We thank God for the privilege to be doing His will. We have been blessed," she concludes.